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诚信考试,公平竞争;以实力争取过硬成绩,以诚信展现良好学风。 以下一种行为是严重作弊行为,学校将从严处理: 1 替他人考试或由他人 替考 2 通讯TRAi %,3 tum作弊 一 3. In Fg. 3-1,C = 10.0p(F, C -20.0 μ F, and C3-25.0 μ E If no capacitor can withstand a potential difference of more than 100 V without failure, what are (a) the magnitude of the maximum potential difference that can exist between points A and B and (b) the maximum energy that can be stored in the three-capacitor arrangement? (10 pts) .A C. C. Cs Fig, 3-1 SHOT ON MI 6X MI DUAL CAMERA

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