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Question: 3 given 3x 6x2 2x 9 12x7x 3x17...

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试 命题纸 3. Given 3x, +6x2 +2x, 9 12x+7x% +3x,17 2x, + 7x2-11x, = 49 mtrix diagonally dominant? If not, please rewrite the equations. a) Is the coefficient Calculate the stages. ent watem of equations using the Gauss-Seidel method, Conduct 2 iterations a) Isthe the above s m absolute relative approximate error at the end of 2nd iteration. l-2) as yor intial gues. Using S significant digits with roundig-of maxim an nt Approximation-Previous Approximation · Present Approximation 1× |x100%) (20 points)
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