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中国联通令 2:14 AM @ダ62% 浙江工商大学A.doc 11. In a partnership form of organization, income tax liability, if any, is incurred by: A. the partnership itself B. the partners individually C. both the partnership and the partners. D. neither the partnership nor the partners. 12. When corporations need to raise funds through stock issues, they rely on the A. primary market. B. secondary market C. tertiary:market. D. centralized NASDAO exchange 13. Short-term financing decisions commonly occur in the: A. primary markets B. secondary markets C. capital markets D. r money markets 14. If a payment of principal is due in 13 months on a long-term liability, that payment will now appear on the balance sheet as: iability. B. long-term debt С.cash. D. interest expense 15. How much does the $1,000 to be received upon a bonds maturity in 4 years add to the bonds price if the appropriate discount rate is 6%? A. $209.91 B. $260,00 C. $760.00 D. $792.09 16. Real rates of return are typically less than nominal rates of return due to: A. inflation. B, capital gains. C. dividend payments.
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