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Question: 22 15 consider the stress field 1 t11...

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σττ 2.2 (1.5%) Consider the stress field: τ,-1도 , t1-1 0 MPa a. Determine the principal stresses (σ.σ.ơs) and their corresponding principal directions b. Prove eigendecomposition and diagonalization numerically by performing the matrix multiplication: c. Obtain the associated spherical and deviatoric stress tensors d. Find the invariants of the original, spherical and deviatoric stress tensors, respectively. e. Calculate the maximum shear, von Mises, Tresca and octahedral normal and shear stresses f. Plot the 3-D Mohrs circle and indicate the locations of the principal stresses (σ.σ.%) and the maximum shear t. Note: The eigenvalues (i.e., principal stresses) and the corresponding eigenvectors (i.e., principal directions) can be obtained either by direct derivation or using the Matlab command: eig.

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