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← Chapter 2 part2 homework PDF 2.25 Three rigid shafts mesh through their respective gears as illustrated in Figure 2.56. Calculate the total mass moment of inertia of this systerm transferred to the middle shaft. The shafts have a mass density ρ-: 7800 kgm and are defined by di-0012m, 1,-0.15m, d2=0.01 m, 12-0.1 m, d= 0.009 m. and 13 = 0.13 m. The following parameters define the four gears: the number of teeth 18, N2 22, N3 28, N4 14 their mass moments of inertia J,-6-10-4kgm2, J2=8-10-4 kg m2, ム 9-10-4 kgm2, = 4-10-4 kg m2, as. Well as the mass moments of inertia of the two end flywheels J103 kg m2 and Jw9.104 kg m2 Gear di Wheel Bearings Shaft N,,J d2 Jw2 da FIGURE 2.56 Rotary-Motion Gear Transmission With Heavy, Rigid Shafts.

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