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) Design a low pass digital FIR filter using window method for the following specifications. 12 0.97s|H(a){s1.03 0s|als 0.4Sr andー0.09s|H(o) 0.09 for 0.5Srslalir-- for Choose the appropriate windows that meet the desired specifications and for cach window, compute the approximate length of the window. Which window will best fit the desired design? Window Peak side lobe amplitude (relative) Approximate width of main lobe Rectangular Bartlett Hann Hamming Blackman -13 dB -25 dB -31 dB -41 dB -57 dB 8π.Μ 8π.M 12π Μ Design a continuous time IIR Butterworth filter to meet the following specifications by finding the order and pole locations of the filter. 0.85s|H(Ω)|sl fr osle s16 and Ir(oj s 0.2 fr IS21224
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