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С .Fer-Each Calc C ForEach Calc C Lebel The Sien. ren : Salar midpcint met rning.ca/ibiscms/mod/fian/view.php?id 419728 Q Search 4Jump to... bwad- Winter19-DYBWAD > Activities and Due Dates> Ch.5 core: 2435/2600 R ourcesL x Give Up? Hint Check 26 sider two markets: the market for motorcycles and the marke for pancakes. The initial equilibrium for both markets is same, the equilibrium price is $5.50, and the equilibrium qu atity is 25.0. When the price is $8.75, the quantity plied of motorcycles is 57.0 and the quantity supplied of par akes is 103.0. For simplicity of analysis, the demand for goods is the same. ng the midpoint formula, calculate the elasticity of supply for pancakes. Please round to two decimal places. ply in the market for motorcycles is O O more elastic than supply in the market for pancakes. the same elasticity as supply in the market for pancakes. about us careers privacy policy terma of use contact us help acer
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