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ต Home > My courses > AWR-138-w : Jan. 29-July 28 > General > Module l Pretest AWR-13 8-W Network Assurance Which three of the following are kinds of protection offered by a host-based Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)? Question 1 Not yet answered Points out of 1.00 P Flag question Select one or mor a. Analysis of network traffic patterns, monitoring increases and decreases in the amount of network traffic. b. Analysis of encrypted network traffic (before it has been encrypted, or after it has been decrypted) c. Analysis of program (i.e. process or application) activity d. Monitoring of log files. Question 2 The four types of symmetric cryptography are: ot yet answered Select one: Poins out of 1.00 a. AES, DES, R2D2, RC b. AlS, DES, 8DES, RCS c. AIS, DES, SDES, RC9 d. AES, DES, 3DES, RCa 0 Flag question FA0 FS FS F3 F2
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