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Question: i want the e r diagram for this problem...

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ERD Practice5 A local movie rental store wants you to create a database management system. After an initial meeting you have identified the following entities and attributes Length Description Actors (can be more than 1) Director (can be more than 1) Customer CustNo Name Address (which consists of street, city, state,zip) MovieCo Telephone DOB Age CopylD DateAcquired Condition Movie MovieID Name After some further investigation, youve come up with the following business rules A customer can rent none, 1 or many movies. A movie can be rented by none, 1 or many customers. When a movie is rented by a customer, we need to record the date rented, the fee and the date returned A movie can have one or more copies. A movie copy belongs to only one movie type 1. 2.

** I want the E- R diagram for this problem

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