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Question: it is required to use nasasql file and to...

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. It is required to use nasa.sql file; and to use PostgreSQL shell (psql) to complete this Practical Test.


Please copy or screenshot the query you have typed and its output in psql, then past it into your answer sheet. Students need to submit their answers to Moodle. 

List the astronauts names, year of birth, year of death, and age at year of death (astroname, birth, death, death - birth) of all astronauts who have died after 1960 before 1990, Order by year of birth. With the given data, the result of the correct query will be:

astroname birth death age
Grissom, gus 1926 1967 41
eisele, donn 1930 1967 57
White, John 1930 1967 57
Swigert, John 1931 1982 5152
Chaffee, Roger 1935 1967  
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