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스. |罽芸雖ㄧ垣.lg-B-||L 1に 1 Normal No Spac... Heading 1 Heading 2 Paragraph Styles Using Visual Studio Create This Program Using C# Program 3: Design (pseudocode) and implement (source code) a program (name it Distance) to compute the distance between 2 points. The program prompts the user to enter 2 points (X1 Y1) and (X2, Y2). The distance between 2 points formula is Document your code. property label the input prompts, and organize the outputs as shown in the following sample runs Sampie run 1: Entered x1: 1.5 Entered Yl: 3.4 Entered X2:4 Entered 2 Distance 5 8 7641314458 42194 ample zun 2: Entered XI: -5.5 Entered 1: .e Entered X2: 25 Entered Y2: 4.3 Dascarce33.27371334852794 Entered Xi 2 Entered 11: 2 Entered x2: 10 Dì,こ교nce : 11.SL37 씌숍gese4762 up

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