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но Methyl alcohol Sp. gr. 0.78 .Hg 30 mm Z Mercury Q # 2, Find the ds-4 inch. (See figure above left) pressu ks A and B ifa-2 ft, d2-6 inch; d-2.4 inch and re difference between Tan Q # 3. The pressure at the top of a tank of biofuel is 1.806 x 10 N/m2. The depth of liquid in the tank is 21 f. The specifc gravity of the biofuel is 0.825. What is the head of the liquid in m that corresponds to the absolute pressure at the bottom of the tank? Q # 4 What wouldbe depth o a point below ree surface in a tank containing oil where the pressure intensity is 10 kg ()/cmp? The specific gravity of oil is 09.
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