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ト mz: k1 Spring 1, k1: 70 N/m Mass of the cart, m1:0.61 Kg Spring 2, k2: 80 N/m Additional mass, m2 0.52 kg Assume that the damping can be modeled as an ideal damper where the damping force fd = ck. For this Pre-Lab, assume that the damping coefficient is c = 0.20 N . s/m. You will evaluate this assumption when you do the experiment. 2) 12 points) Develop the transformed equation of motion (i.e., take the Laplace Transform of the equation of motion) for the case when the mass is only the mass of the cart mi and no input force is applied (free response). Use the initial conditions xo 1 xo -0. Develop an equation for X(s). Show vour work below.
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