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▼ Part A Leaming Goal: To find a forces directional components that act along a cable and to ind the coordinates of a point on a cable that has a force vector applied to it As shown, a 1orce vector F With a magnitude of c 34.0 lbis applied at point A and is directed toward point C. (Figure 1 } The distance α ts 5.50 ft and the dstance b is 9.50 ft. What are the i. j. and k components of F Express your answers numerically in pounds to three signiticant tigures separated by commas. Three-dimensional Cartesian force vectors are used throughout engineering mechanics. The generic torce vector is represented as follows: View Available Hints) where F is the force vector and Fr, Fy and F, are the vectors i,j and k components, respectively. The force vector has a magnitude F- Fİ + Ft + p? The vedors direction is described by a unit vector u, where u-F/F p, F,,F3 |-1 1.4.-16.50, 27.40 lb Submi X Incorrect: Try Again: One attempt remaining ▼ Part B As shown, the cable OA exerts a force on point Oof F-Fi+Fj+ F.k. (Figure 2) If the cables length is a, what are the x, y, and z coordinates of A in terms of a Fi, F F and X Figure 1 of2 Express your answers in terms of a F, Fy, F and X separated by commas. View Available Hints) Subm Provide Feedback Next>

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