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そ 米Quiz: Chapter 19 HW x E examples-of-potential-ener | + v ← →〇屳凸https://utkinstructure.com/courses/72510/quizzes/67914/take 証 这 estionI Question 8 Grades Question 1 Time Elapsed: Hide Attempt due: Jan 23 at 11:59pm 5 Hours, 16 Minutes, 9 Seconds myUTK 2 pts Three charges are arranged in the configuration shown below The green charge (top right) has a charge of-4.00 μC, the red charge (bottom left) is -2.00 HC and the blue charge (bottom right) is -2.00 uC. The locations shown are given in meters. What is the potential energy of the configuration? ENTER NUMERIC VALUE ONLY USING 3 SIG FIGS - NO UNITS OR SCIENTIFIC NOTATION! 7:49 PM 0 Type here to search 무

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