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Question: show the mechanism 1 photochemical isomerization of 2e4262octa24 to...

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. Show the (Mechanism 1) photochemical isomerization of (2E,42,62)-octa-2.4, to give a cyclie intermediate (8) which then (Mechanism 2) thermally rearranges to R product (C i. Draw the structures of compounds; (A) occurs ive an ocyclic a. Compound A, (2E,47,6z)-octa-2,4,6-triene (A) b. Compound B, (using wedge-and-dash bonds to denote the appropriate stereochemistry) and, Compound C (showing the stereochemistry of groups attached to the e. i. For each mechanism indicate; diene Z/E) i. . The rotation of the molecular orbital involved and, The name and symmetry of the molecular orbitals involved, li. Name of the products B and C. Structures of compounds and Name of compounds (8pts) Name Name Name (Please use the boxes below to draw the molecular orbitals involved in the mechanism) Name the molecular orbitals used in A and C and the rotation that occurred. Stereochemistry is significant. Mechanism 1. (10 pts) Heat hv rotation- rotation Name of MO Name of MO
22. (12 pts) Consider the following reaction. Predict and draw the two major products. HBr 1,2 1.4 a. The nucleophile in this reaction is: b. The Lewis acid in this reaction is: c. The Kinetically controlled product in this reaction is d. Write the stepwise mechanism that accounts for both of the products shown. Show all intermediates structures and all electron flow with curved arrows.
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