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□ Sign In Upload Assignmen Math Methoo ance Center l □ MMcals19.pdf webdav/pid-555802-dt-content-rid-8440361-1/courses/L2830-13268/Math-Methods-HW3%281 %29.pdf Homework 3 Math Methods for Mechanical Engineers (MECH.3610) Problem 1: Recall the last plotting problem from Homework 2, pasted below for your ronvenience. te a MATLAB script which will generate your plot, name the script HW3.P1.m and upload to Blackboard. The trajectory of an object can be modeled as y = (tan θ0)x- x2 yo where y - height (m), 0,-initial angle (radians) x horizontal distance (m) g gravitational acceleration 9.81 m/s*), Vo initial velocity (m/s) yo - initial height. Calculate and plot the trajectories for yo 0 and vo 30 m/s for initial angles ranging from 15 to 75° in increments of 15° Consider a range of horizontal distances from x-0 to 100 m in increments of 1 m. The results should be assembled in an array where the first dimension (rows) corresponds to the distances, and the second dimension (columns) corresponds to the different initial angles. Use this matrix to generate a single plot of the heights versus horizontal distances for each of the initial angles. Employ a legend to distinguish among the different cases. Scale the plot so that the minimum height is zero using the axis command. Hint: type help axis for further info on the axis command. Label each axis and also title the plot HW2, Plot 3 Use the following MATLAB command (changing variable names if necessary) to create the legend.
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