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0. Subject: Transmission Design of Hoister I Requirements of design (1) The hoister is driven by motor, and it should to carry the material in the building sites. The specific parameters could be listed as follows The traction force of the rope is 12 kN. The speed of the rope is 0.4m/s. The parameter of the drum is be used 500mm. (2) It works inside the room, and has a small batch production. (3) The power source is three-phase alternating current, which is 380/220 V. The motor works in unidirectional operation. The load is relatively stable. (4) The service life are 10 years. The overhaul cycle is 3 years. Besides, it works in two-shift operation. (5) It is produced by the professional machinery plant, which could process gear or turbine at 7,8 level precision Prime Reference graph of tramisiea of hoister Il Tasks (1) Finish the design and demonstration of the overall scheme (at least provide 2 schemes), and a schematic drawing of the overall design principle (2) Finish the structural design of the main transmission, thereinto, the level precision of the reducer should be at least two stage. (3) You should finish assembly drawing of reducer (Al); two drawings of special parts (A4) (low speed axial and large gear) (4) Analysis the economy (5) Write a specification of your design
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