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1 , A pharmaceutical lab did an extensive analysis on a drug and found that the drug causes negative side effects in 3 of every 100 patients. To confirm this affirmation, another laboratory chooses 5 people at random who have consumed the drug. What is the probability of the following events? a. None of the five patients experience side effects. (5 points) b. At least two experience side effects. (5 points) c. What is the average number of patients that the laboratory should expect to experience side effects if they choose 100 patients at random? (2 points) Over for second question
2. A local club plans to invest $10,000 to host a baseball game. They expect to sell tickets worth $15,000. But if it rains on the day of game, they wont sell any tickets and the club will lose all the money invested. If the weather forecast for the day of game is 20% possibility of rain is the expected value of profit)? (8 points) , is this a good investment (i.e., what
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