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Question: 1 12 pointsl sketch the waveform of ab 25sin2000t for...

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1.) 12 pointsl Sketch the waveform of ab 2.5sin2000t for 2 cycles. Indicate the magnitude and label the times (in the unit of millisecond) when the waveform cuts across horizontal axis. 2.) 12 pointsl The parameters of the amplifier are: 147 k, and R vo1.2V,80mV, R 50 k. Find the power gain Ap in dB 3.)10 pointsl The voltage amplifier has an open-circuit voltage gain of 200, an input resistance of 100 kQ, and an output resistance of 20 Ω. The signal source voltage is 50 mV, the source resistance is 1.5 kΩ and the load resistance is 22 Ω. Calculate (a) the output voltage, (b) the output power, (c) the voltage gain in V/V, (d) the current gain and (e) the power gain 4) 16 points An current amplifier is required to amplify the output signal from the transducer that produces a constant current of is-100 ful at an internal resistance varying from R.- 10 k2 to 100 k. The desired output current is 20 mA at a load resistance varying from R1-20 Ω to 500 Ω. The variation in output current should be kept within 3%. Determine the design specifications of the amplifier (R, Ro and As). (Assuming that the variations in R and A contribute equally to the variation in output current.

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