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1) (15 points total) Given the worlds energy requirements, more and more research is being devoted to recapitulate the beneficial results of photosynthesis. For example, some investigators have shown that miniature light reaction centers can be combined with other components to make artificial photosystems. a) (6 pts) Using the list of components and their noted reduction potentials, design a linear complex of at least 3 components that would promote thermodynamically spontaneous electron flow after illumination with light at 470 nm. Assume for the purposes of this question that electron flow is unidirectional so your choice of components and the sequence in which you put them together is important. Molecule aracteristic Chlorophyll Z Chlorophyll Z Chlorophyll R Chlorophyl R ABS ABS .5 Chlorophyll Z absorption max 300nm 0.7 Chlorophyll R absorption max 470nm -6 ABS absorption max 470nm 0.25 Quin C Quin D Quin E Quin F -0.1 0.5 0.9 0.35 b) (9 pts) mathematically prove that at least two components of you complex will result in spontaneous electron flow by calculating the UG (you only need to do one pair and you can assume that all events occur by one electron transfer). Show me ALL of your work. Remember, a proof should be something more than just showing me a number. You will need to explain what the number means
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