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2.Use the given annual interest rate r and the compounding period to find i, the interest rate per compounding period 5.42% compounded monthly i-| % per month (Type an integer or decimal rounded to the nearest thousandth as needed.)

3Find the compound interest earned. Round to the nearest cent. $600 at 5% compounded quarterly for 1 years 2 OA. OB. O c. OD. $95.45 $95.82 $204.06 $46.43

4Find the compound amount for the deposit. Round to the nearest cent. $1,300 at 11% compounded quarterly for 2 years OA. $1,615.09 OB. $1,601.73 OC. $1,586.00 O D. $1,372.48.5.

5.Use the continuous compound interest formula to find the indicated value. P-$5,000; r: 5.42%; t-4 years, As? A+ $LI (Round to two decimal places as needed.)

6.The principal P is borrowed and the loans future value A at time t is given. Determine the loans simple interest rate r to the nearest tenth of a percent. P- $4600.00, A $4772.50, t-6 months 11% (Round to the nearest tenth of a percent.)

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