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1. The diagram below shows two hydrographs for a flood event on a river that drains a rural (undeveloped) area and another flood event on a river that drains a highly developed, urban area. The amount rainfall shown for the two rivers is identical (the diagonal boxed area). Identify which of the curves is the undeveloped (rural) and developed (urbanized) flood hydrographs Use the scales on the x- and y-axes of the graph to give approximate lag time and peak discharge for both the undeveloped (rural) and developed (urban) floods. Di (briefly) why the urbanized flood is different from the undeveloped flood hydrograph. 400 2 300 Orainfall 100 10 15 20 time (hrs) Your Answer:

2. Explain the process of how a meandering river channel develops. (Hint: Think about how an oxbow lake forms) Your Answer:

3. Answer the following questions about the pressure (P)-temperature (T) graph below. The heavy black arrows (A, B, C) show areas on the graph that are characteristic of different conditions within a convergent plate boundary setting. Indicate which bulleted statements match up with the appropriate lettered arrows P-T conditions near an igneous intrusion at shallow levels in the crust. P-T conditions near the trench of a subduction zone. P-T conditions in the deep crustal levels of a mountain belt Temperature (°C) 400 800 0 0 5 Pressure (kbar) 10 15 Your Answer:

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