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1.Do the following two part question on the Rock Cycle: 1. Indicate which lettered box on the rock cycle correctly matches the terms listed below. There are9 boxes and 9 terms; there are no duplicate answers. 2. Describe how plate tectonics can explain the connections between processes and rocks within the rock cycle IGNEOUS ROCKS SEDIMENTARY ROCKS METAMORPHIC ROCKS Weathering and erosion Uplift Heat and pressure Crystallization Burial and lithification Melting Deposition in oceans and on continents SEDIMENTS Uplift Uplift Heat and pressure MAGMA

2. Concisely compare the characteristics of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions from divergent plate boundaries (e.g. mid-ocean ridges) from that occurring at ocean- continent convergent plate boundaries (e.g. subduction zones). You should specifically compare the following four things: (1) earthquake magnitude (approximate max on Richter scale) (2) earthquake depth (shallow, intermediate, deep), (3) magma type erupted (mafic, intermediate, felsic) (4) eruptive style (explosive, non-explosive)


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