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1. 2. 3. State three methods for predicting failure of metals subject to cyclic loading. (15 points) State four (maybe five) types of bearing. (15 points) If steel rods can be obtained with diameters varying in integer increments of 1 mm, determine the rod diameter to be purchased if it is to support an axial load of 3000 N using a design factor of 3. What is the factor of safety for the purchased rod? State the source of information you used to determine the strength of the steel. (25 points) State ten or more factors that will influence calculations of stress or strength for structural elements within a mechanism or machine. (15 points) Define the mechanical resilience of a material and state for which machine element this is a significant property. (10 points) How is Hardness measured? What is a rather loose ball park relation between Hardness (Brinell or Vickers) and yield stress, Why is the hardness of a material important? (20 points) 4. 5. 6.
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