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Your boss hands you the article (National Vital Statistics Reports-Volume 65, Number 2, See slide #2) and asks you to summarize the information from Figure 1. In fact your boss asks you to address just the two most common causes of death. Prepare a brief statement (about two to three sentences) describing the two most common causes of death in the US


Unintended injuries is one of the 10 most common causes of death in the US for both men and women. Write a brief statement analyzing unintended injury as a cause of death and compare the statistics for men versus women.


Causes of Death in the United States Males Females Heart disease 22.4 Other 24.7 Heart disease 24.6 Other 27.3 Chronic liver disease and cirhosis1.8 disease 2.1 5 Cancer 21.5 Influenza and Cancer 23.5 Kidney disease 2.3 2.8 Influenza and 5.4 4.6 Stroke 6.1 Alzheimers Stroke RD injunes

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