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Question: 1 3 points draw a diagram containing the names of...

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1. (3 points) Draw a diagram containing the names of the principal information carrying molecules in cells, with arrows relating the directionality of information flow, and label the arrows with the names of the processes that mediate that information flow.

2. (1 points) The diagram you just drew is usually referred to as the ________________ of molecular biology

3. (3 points) Briefly (2-3 sentences) describe the contributions of Beadle and Tatum to the foundations of molecular biology

4. (3 points) For the following amino acids, please circle those whose side-chains are more likely to be found on the surface of a protein, and underline those that are more likely to be buried in the interior of a protein:


If this were a peptide sequence, what would be the net charge on the peptide in solution at pH = 2.0? At pH = 8.0? at pH = 12.0


5. (2 points) A protein you are studying binds tightly to a negatively charged chromatography column matrix at mildly acidic pH. As you raise the pH of the buffer passing over the column from 4.5 to 8.5, the protein is eluted or released at a pH of ~ 6.2.

  1. This protein is likely to have a number of which amino acid present on its surface?

  1. Above pH 6.2, will these amino acid side chains be positively-, negatively-, or un-charged?

6. (2 points) Write the single letter abbreviations of the 4 amino acids that are most likely to engage in a salt-bridge interactions at pH 8.0.

7. (2 points) a. What feature of proline makes it unique among the 20 amino acids? Would proline be able to form the backbone hydrogen bonds typical of alpha-helices and beta-sheets?

10. (2 points) If Erwin Chargaff had restricted his studies to only focus on RNA instead of DNA, would his results have been of any use to Watson and Crick? Explain why or why not.

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