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16. (3 points) Consider the following program and recursive function #include <iostream.h> void Z(int], int, int); void swap (int&, int&); void Z(int A[], int n, int k) ! if (kn-1) \ for (int i-0; i<n; i++) cout x A[i]<<. void main) \ cout << endl; int A[3]-11,2.3); int n-3; Z(A, n, 0); else for (int i-k; Kn: 1++) swap(A[i], A[k]); void swap(int &x, int &y) int temp; temp = x; swap(A[i], A[k]); y temp; 6a) Demonstrate the execution, show the output, and explain what the program accomplishes 6b) Give a recurrence equation describing the worst-case behavior of the program 6c) Solve the recurrence equation

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