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1. [9 marks] Pets. Let P be the set of all pets. We define the following predicates over P Cat(p): p is a cat Dog(p): p is a dog . House (p): p is allowed in the house, Behaved (p): p is well-behaved Attacks(pl,P2): P will attack p2 (note: Attacks(pi.P2) is not the same as Attacks(p2.pı)) For each of the following statements, if it is English then translate it into predicate logic, and if it is in symbolic form translate it into English (a) Any pet that will attack itself is not allowed in the house (b) Pets who will attack at least one other pet are not well-behaved (c) Sp E P, Dogp) A(Ve P, Cat(c) -Attacks(p,c) (d) For any two distinct pets, if they will attack each other, then at most one of them is allowed in the (pxa) house You can use-and to check whether two pets are the same or not.

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