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A ________ helps define who is eligible for a specific price list.

A pricing modifier
B pricing engine
C pricing qualifier
D pricing header


____________ allows for control over the processing of various order types

A Workflow dashboard
B Workflow engine
C process diagram
D process flow screen


The ______ window displays the total and reservable inventory quantity.

A booked
B quick order
C availability
D reserve


Once all information is complete and required fields are validated without error, the order status is ____________

A booked
B complete
C on hold
D eligible


If the order is not eligible to be booked, it is _________ and not interfaced to _________.

A cancelled, to the ERP system
B on hold, payables
C frozen, general ledger
D on hold, receivables


The order to cash lifecycle requires a mandatory entry of __________.

A warehouse name
B price list
C hold status
D order type


The __________ model consists of the Standard bill of materials with mandatory included items.

A pick to order kit
B configure to order model
C assemble to order kit
D pick to order model
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