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1- A _____________________ is a basic truth or belief that is used as a basis of reasoning or a guide to behavior.
2- A _______________ is a course or general plan of action designed to solve problems or achieve specified goals.
3-The __________________________ is the vital needs and fundamental interests of the nation as a whole, security, liberty, justice and welfare, which are essential to the independence, prosperity, and power of the nation-state.
4-The ______________________________ is the interest of the entire community that transcends the selfish interests of individuals or groups. It expresses the best long-range interests of the entire nation.

5-_________________________ refers to government provisions for , or contributions to, individual needs for employment, income, food, housing, health care, and literacy.

6-An_______________________ is comprised of members of the public who organize and attempt to shape public policy on issues of concern to them.

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