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1 A 3 m × 3 m piece of insulation with thermal conductivity k 05 is 50 mm thick. If the temperature difference 2. An unknown material is subject to a heat flux q 50 m. Determine the thermal conductivity of the 20 mm thick 3. The inner and outer surface temperatures of an ice wall 10 cm thick are 0°C and -20°C. What is the heat loss through across the insulation is 17,-15°C, find the heat flux and rate of heat transfer through the insulation. material, if the temperatures of the opposite sides measure 55°C and 25°C respectively a 1.5 m × 1.5 m section of wall? The heat flux that is applied to one face of a 2 mx 2 m plane wall is20Theopposite face is exposed to air at temperature 30°C, with a convective heat transfer coefficient of h 20 exposed to air is measured and found to be 50°C. Do steady-state conditions exist? If not, is the temperature of the wall increasing or decreasing with time? The surface temperature of the wall

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