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Question: 1 a 30 yr old female presents to the doctors...

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1 A 30 yr. old female presents to the doctor’s office today appears pale.  When you touch her arm to place the blood pressure cuff on her arm, you notice she feels cool. She complains of recent weight gain.

What is this condition?

Will her T3 and T4 levels be low or high?

Will TSH be high or low?

What will happen to heart rate?

Will the person have a heat or cold intolerance?

What is the autoimmune condition associated with this?

2 A 54 yr. old man comes into the clinic in December and says that he has a tan and cannot figure out why he has a tan in the middle of the winter.  

What condition does this man have?

Describe what organ is involved?

Describe the signs and symptoms.

What hormones are deficient in this disease?

Explain how ACTH is part of this disease.

3 A 16 yr. old boy who was recently in a car accident where he injured his head, comes into the clinic today complaining that he has been frequently urinating.

What condition does he have?

What hormone is deficient in this condition?

What gland in the brain is effected by this condition?

Describe the hormone pathway involved in this condition that leads to the symptoms.

What substance is missing in the urine of these patients that is normally present in others with a similar condition?

4 A 26 yr. old female presents to the doctor today complaining of tremors and a feeling of feeling nervous.  She says when she gets nervous and then she feels warm and her cheeks turn red and she feels flushed.

What is this condition?

What changes do you see in the eyes?

Will T3 and T4 levels be low or high?

What happens to the person’s body weight?

5 A 25 yr. old female comes to the doctor for a routine check up and blood work.  When her lab results return, the results show high calcium levels.  When the doctor asks her more questions, she states that she has had some pain in her kidneys.  An ultrasound of the kidney is done and reveals the presence of kidney stones.

What condition does the patient have?

What will happen to the phosphate levels?

What will happen to vitamin D levels?

What other symptoms can be seen in this condition?

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