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1. A 75 gm block of Cu ta ke n from a furnace is dropped into a 300 gm glass beaker co ntaining 200 gm water. The te mpe ra ture of the water rises from 12 C to 27 C. What was the tempe rature of the furnace? Recall that on food ite ms the nutrition facts has Calories stated. In scientific terms these are Kilocalories and not calories (This can easily ead to confusibn). Check http://nutritiondata.self.com/help/glossary Half cup cooked oatmeal (Quacker Oats) approximately contains 150 Calories (scientifically re ad Kiloca lories). How does this energy le vel compare wth a typical car (say Toyota Camry) driving at 60mph on US freeway? You might find it enterta ining to first guess the ratio KE(car)/Energy(Oatmeal) and then do the caculations Specific heat capacity of water is 4200 J/kg-C Compare the energy required to boil water from 20C with the energy of Toyota Camry on US Freeway moving at 60mph. if the entire energy of Toyota Camry on US freeway became available as heat, how much wa ter can you boll Iany? 2. 3 4. What is the typical tempe rature considered safe for human touch in deg C? Feel free to do some inte rnet search. 5. A small closed solated room has a working refrigerator accide ntally eft open. Will the room get cold?
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