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1. A car moves along a straight street. The cars initial position at time t is given by a position vector T, The cars later position vector is , at time t2 Suppose T700 mi and T - 400 mi . a. If t2-t1 = 3,0 seconds, what is the cars average speed (assuming the car only moved in one direction)? b. What was the cars average velocity? 2. A runner jogs at a stendy pace of 15 km/hr. When the runner is 7.5 km from the finish, a bird begins flying from the runner to the finish at 30 km/hr. When the bird reaches the finish line, it instantly turns around and flies back to the runner, and then turns around again, repeating the back-and-forth trips until the runner reaches the finish line. How many kilometers does the bird travel? 30 km/h finish 15 km/h .5 km

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