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1. A cylindrical shell 1.5 m diameter and 4 m long is closed at ends by rigid flanges. It is subjected to an internal pressure of 3 MPa. If the maximum stress is not to exceed 150 MPa, determine the thickness of the shell. Assume E-200 GPa and Poissons ratio 0.25. Find the changes in diameter, length and volume of the shell. 20 Marks) 2. Determine the torsional strain energy of the steel shaft in the figure below. The shaft has radius of 40mm AN- 96 (10 Marks) 3. The components of plane stress at a critical point on a thin steel shell are shown. Determine if failure (yielding) has occurred on the basis of the maximum distortion-energy theory. The yield stress for the steel is ơr; 650 MPa. 340 MPa 65 MPa 55 MPa 10 Marks) . A curved bar of square section, 3 cm sides and mean radius of curvature 45 mm is initially unstressed. If a bending moment of 300 Nm is applied to the bar tending to straigthen it, find the stress at the inner and outer faces. Due to the large initial curvature of the bar, the distance between the neutral axs and the principal axis passing through the centroid of the section is estimated to be e - 1.72mm 20 Marks)
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