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1. A data set that includes the shows on a station during the day would be classified as what type of data? nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio

2. What type of data collection might be best to estimate the amount of time individuals spend socializing? survey, observational, experiment, simulation

3. What type of data collection might be best to study how many books students bring into the media center during finals week? experiment, observational, simulation, survey

4. You need to study the satisfaction of customers of a specific restaurant. You decide to randomly select one customer at each table. This would most closely describe which type of sampling technique? stratified, random, systematic, cluster

5. In a normally distributed data set with a mean of 22 and a standard deviation of 4.1, what percentage of the data would be between 13.8 and 30.2? 68% based on the histogram, 95% based on empirical rule, 95% based on histogram, 68% based on empirical rule

6. A city wants to know how many cars come to a complete stop at the stop signs in downtown. What type of study would be best suited to make this determination? observational, survey, experimental, simulation

7. What is the sample space to responses to a question whose answers are Up, Down, Left, or Right along with a question on preference between Blue and Red?

Up, Blue)(Up, Blue)(Down, Blue)(Down, Blue)(Left, Blue)(Left, Blue)(Right, Blue)(Right, Blue)
(Up, Up)(Down, Down)(Left, Left)(Right, Right)(Blue, Blue)(Red, Red)
(Up, Blue)(Up, Red)(Down, Blue)(Down, Red)(Left, Blue)(Left, Red)(Right, Blue)(Right, Red)
(Up, Down, Left, Right, Blue, Red)
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