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Question: 1 a generating station shown in fig 1 consists of...

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1. A generating station shown in fig. 1 consists of two generators, one of 20 MVA, 11kV, 0.18pu reactance with the unit transformer of 20MVA, 11/132kV, 0.08 pu reactance, another of 30 MVA, 11kV, 0.18 pu reactance with the transformer of 30 MVA, 11/132 kV, 0.12 pu reactance, transmits power over double circuit 132kV transmission line. Each line is having reactance of 120ohms per phase. Determine the fault current supplied by the generators to a three phase solid fault on the 132kV bus-bar at the receiving end. Neglect the pre-fault current and losses Assume pre-fault generated voltage at rated value Line 1 20 MVA 11 KV (G 0.18 pu 120 2 20 MVA,11/132 kv 0.08 pu 132 kV bus 132 kV bus 30 MVA T. 2 1 KV (G 0.18 pu Line 2 20 2 3-phase solid fault 30 MVA, 11/132 kv 0.1 pu Fig.1

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