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1. A square loop of wire conducts a current in a clockwise fashion and is momentarily in the xy plane. A uniform B-field occupies the space as well, directed in the +y direction? Which sides of the loop will feel a force when the loop is oriented as described?

a, The left side
b. The right side
c. The top side
d. None of the sides will feel a force

2. A wire is attached to the ceiling so that the current flows south to north. A student is standing directly below the wire facing north. What is the direction of the B-field (caused by the current in the wire) at this observation point?

a. east
b. west
c. north
d. south

3. Four very long conducting wires carry current (I) with charge flowing in the -z direction. When looked at along the z axis, the wires are arranged in positions of home base (-y), 1st (+x), 2nd (+y) and 3rd (-x) on a baseball diamond with the origin of the axis system close to the pitcher's mound such that the bases are equidistant from the origin. Determine the direction of the force acting on the wire that is located at 3rd base.

a. +y
b. +z
c. -y
d. +x

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