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1. A100-hp (1 hp torque is on the shaft for 25% of full power? (20 points) 746 W) car engine has a drive shaft rotating at 2000 RPM. How much 2. An electric generator coupled to a windmill produces an average electric power he power is used to charge a storage battery. Heat transfer from output of 25 kW. T the battery to the surroundings occurs at a constant rate of 2.5 kW. Determine, for 8 hours of operation (a) the total amount of energy stored in the battery, in kJ. (25 points) (b) the value of the stored energy, in $, if electricity is valued at $0.08 per kWh. (15 points) 3. The 80-W fan of a central heating system is to circulate air through the ducts. The analysis of the flow shows that the fan needs to raise the pressure of air by 70 Pa to maintain flow. The fan is located in a horizontal flow section whose diameter is 30 cm at both the inlet and the outlet. You need to determine the highest possible average flow velocity in the duct. (a) Draw a schematic of the problem and identify the control volume. (10 points) (b) Write down the full rate of energy conservation equation for the system and drop the terms not needed for this analysis by specifying the proper assumptions. (15 points) (c) Calculate the highest possible average velocity. (15 points)
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