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Question: 1 agerelated changes in immunologic function include select all...

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1. Age-related changes in immunologic function include: ( select all that apply)

a. increased number of collagen fibers

b. impaired phagocytic immune response

c. decreased elasticity of the skin

d. increased adipose tissue

e. ,maintenance of function of the B lymphocytes

2. The nurse is completing a physical assessment with a client. Which of the following finding could be caused by impaired immune function in the client.

a. Jugular vein distention

b. Neck pain

c. Leg rash

d. Hip pain


a client who was hospitalized for an appendectomy requires scheduled dressing changes twice daily. On day 3, the clients incision assessment shows local redness, warmth, and purulent drainage from the surgical wound. The nurse spectates that the wound became infected and a wound culture shows growth of meticillin-resistant staph aureus(MRSA).this infection can be classified as

a. endogenous infection

b. severe infection

c. preventable infection

d. healthcare-associated infection

4 )A client is admitted with a positive stool culture growing Vancomycin-resistant enterococcus(VRE)what type of  transmission-based precautions should the nurse initiate upon the clients arrival to the unit?

a. standard

b. contact

c. droplets

d. airborne

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