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Hydro and Gas Dinamics 4 Student First name Course: Bachelor/ Master - Full time /Exchange? ( mark with underline) 1.Tank height Second name Please calcilate flow rate m3/h For water at 20 H- 10 m, pipe length 100 m, diametr 0,1 m. 2.For problem Nr.1 Draw energy and Hydraulic Grade Line for Tanlk pipe 3. Water tank withh If pressure to water increase up to 20Mpa Please calculate volume change Velocity volume Vo 2 m3 at 20oC and atmosferic pressure 4. Steady Laminar distribution. Flow in Circular Tubes (Poiseulle flow ) Poiseulles Law Hemisphere stay on solid and 5. Hemisphere (radius 0,5 m ) is filled with mercury Dencity 13800 kg/m3. smooth surface At top of ball connected pipe with inner diameter 20 Hemisphere(empty) mass is M- 250 kg Calculate X when halfball will be lifted up

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