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1) At room temp, solid strontium (Sr) metal and liquid water (H20) react to form an aqueous ionic compound-aqueous strontium hydroxide (Sr(OH)2)-and hydrogen (H2) gas. a. Write a balanced equation for the reaction, including states of matter. (2 pts) b. A student runs this reaction using 8.5 g of strontium and excess water. The image to the right shows a molecular-level picture (ie, little balls for atoms) representing the initial amount and phase of strontium. How many moles of S does each ball represent? Make your reasoning clear. (2 pts) c. To the right, draw an analogous molecular level picture that represents the all the substances present after the reaction is complete. Be as accurate as possible (in representing molar amounts of substance, phase of matter, and interactions with the solvent water) Below, describe the key features conveyed in your picture. (6 pts)
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