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1. Bob and Ella are a married couple with no children and file jointly. they had a gross income of $67,400 and $1,800 in adjustments and $8,950 in itemized deductions. Calculate their tax liability, marginal tax rate, and average tax rate. I filled in as much as i could.
for standard deductions, i have choices of

single married head of household
2017 $6,350 $12,700 $9,350
2018 $12,000 $24,000 $18,000

but I do not know which standard deduction to choose? any help is very appreciated please! also, how do you know when to use itemized deductions vs standard deduction?

gross income:
adjusted gross income
standard/itemized deduction:
taxable income:
(65,600- standard deduction)
Tax liability:
(19050+.12(taxable income-19050)
Average/Marginal tax rates: taxable income+ long term capital gains and dividend taxes-tax credits they qualify for
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