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1. calculate the % by mass of (NH4)2SO3 in a solution prepared by mixing 41.7g (NH4)2SO3 with 525 mL H2O. sp.gr. H2O =1.00

2. calculate the M of a soultion prepared from 84.2g of Li3PO4 dissolved in enough H2O to make 300.0 mL of solution.

3. calculate N of the Li3PO4 soultion in question two.

4. calculate the % by mass of Ba(NO3)2 of a soultion prepared by mixing 42.0g of 25.0% Ba(NO3)2 solution with 58.0g of 40.8% Ba(NO3)2

7. How many grams of 38.7% c6H12O6 solution by mass are necessary to contain 9.500g of c6h12o6

8. calculate the m (molality) of a solution prepared by mixing 8.205g LiCl with 750.0g of H2O

9. how many moles of NaOH are present in 25.00mL of .500M NaOH solution

10. in preparing 2.50L of .125 M h2SO4 solution from 18.0 M H2SO4 how much 18.0 M H2SO4 and how much h2o would be required
mL 18.0 M H2SO4
mL h20

11. calculate the volume of a .400M HNO3 solution required to neutralize 40.95 mL of .125 M Ba(OH)2 solution.

12. calculate the N of an HBr solution which required 28.17 mL to neutralize 2.95g Ca(OH)2

13. what is the molaity of 2.050 M Li3PO4 sp.gr.=1.09

14.       50.020g sucrose were used to prepare 300.0mL of solution (sp.gr.=1.17) what is the %by mass of sucrose in the solution

15. Calculate the % by mass of Sr(OH)2 M, n, m, mf h20 of a solution that contains 107.2g sr(OH)2 dissolved in enough h2o to make 3.000L of solution. the density of the solution is 1.14g/mL

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