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1. Calculate the viscosity of the oil. 2% 2 square plate 13 12 0.05 oil film W 25 lb V-0.6 2. Water flows near a flat surface and some measurements of the water velocity, u, parallel to the surface, at different heights y above the surface are obtained. After an analysis of the data, the lab technician reports that the velocity distribution in the range 0 < y < 0.1 ft is given by the equation u-0.81+9.2y (4.1x10y) With u in ft/s and y in ft. (a) Do you think this equation would be valid in any system of units? Explain. (b) Do you think this equation is correct? Explain. 3. The cylindrical weight (15 N) has a diameter of 149.5 mm and height of 200 mm, and falls at a constant velocity of 50 mm/s. The diameter of the container is 150 mm. Calculate the viscosity of oil in the gap between the cylinder and the container. Oil film-149.5 mm 200 mm 150 mm d-
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