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Question: 1 describe the position of the heart within the mediastinum...

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1.     Describe the position of the heart within the mediastinum.

2.     Describe the major anatomical structures of the heart including its coverings, chambers and valves.

3.     Describe the flow of blood through the heart.

4.     Describe how a heartbeat is generated.

5.     Differentiate between systemic and pulmonary circulation.

6.     Describe the effects of exercise on cardiac output.

7.     List the components of blood.

8.     Describe the transport of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the blood.


1.     List and explain the ways that ions and molecules can pass through the cell membrane.

2.     Explain the process of osmosis and concentration gradients in controlling the movement of water across the cell membrane.

3.     Describe the terms hypotonic, isotonic and hypertonic.

4.     Describe ATP and ADP in terms of the release or input of energy in chemical reactions.

5.     Describe the main stages of glycolysis and name its products.

6.     Describe the main stages of the citric acid cycle (Krebs cycle) and name its products.

7.     Briefly explain oxidative phosphorylation (electron transport chain) and how ATP is produced in the process.



1. What are carbohydrates, lipids and proteins?

5. Name the parts of the digestive tract?

8. How are the products of digestion absorbed and where do they go?

9. How does the body use the products of digestion?



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