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Question: 1 discuss the major types of marketing communication techniques outline...

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1. Discuss the major types of marketing communication techniques. Outline at least five methods and provide a brief description of each, including one key point about effectiveness of the marketing communication technique.

2. Explain how the stage at which a product is (the product life cycle) may impact on the choice of marketing communications.

3. Explain how marketing communications may differ for business to business as opposed to marketing to consumers.

4. Discuss the effectiveness of mass media advertising in the convergent marketing communication industry.

5. Discuss how communication with consumers differs in digital marketing versus traditional marketing.

6. Discuss the advantages of digital marketing versus traditional marketing.
7. Explain why direct selling is most effectively used in conjunction with a range of marketing communications.

8. Describe public relations and advertising and discuss differences between the two.

9. Explain the concept of customer-centric marketing communication and the advantage of this approach.

10. Explain how the Internet has empowered consumers.

11. Explain at least one advantage for marketers in using social media as a marketing communication technique, as well as one disadvantage.

12. Outline at least two advantages and two disadvantages of mobile marketing.

13. Explain the concept of pay per click and compare with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
14. Discuss the importance of communication synergy in integrated marketing communications?
15. Discuss why on-line media offers a more customer focussed form of marketing communication.

16. Discuss why it is important for marketers to seek customer’s permission to send ad messages via mobile phones.

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