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1. During the argument, Travis was able to identify a word his wife used that sparked his frustration and anger more than anything else. When Travis would make a point that would frustrate his wife, she would look at him, toss her hand in the air, and say, "Whatever." This example illustrates a ______________ for Travis.
a. Register
b. Denotation.
c. Abstract word
d. Trigger word

2. True or False: When you are speaking, it's wise to use as few concrete words as possible to avoid miscommunication.

3. True or False: '' All older people are poor drivers" is an example of illness.

4. True or False: To you, the word "apartment" might mean a comfortable place to relax at the end of the day or sitting in which to entertain friends. This subjective meaning of the word " apartment" is the connotative meaning.

5. True or False: The dictionary defines " apartment" as " a room or suite of rooms used as a residence." This literal definition is the denotative meaning of the word "apartment."

6. True or False: Meaning is in the sender, not the receiver of the message.

7. True or False: Terms like "mailman," " policeman," or "stewardess" are an example of sexist language.

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