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1. Energy is transferred from ATP to other molecules by a. Photosynthesis b. transferring the adenosine of ATP to the other molecule c. substrate level activation d. activating the allosteric site on the molecule e. breaking off a high energy phosphate group 2. The region of an enzyme to which a substrate binds is called the a. Denatured b. Conformational c. Substrate d. Enzymatic e. Active site 3. The pancreas plays a role in a. producing the acid found in the stomach b. releasing bile into the digestive tract c. peristalsis and transport of chime d. secreting digestive enzymes and bicarbonate into the small intestine e. mechanical digestion of fats 4. These villi, which help to increase surface area, help the absorb nutrients a. large intestine b. liver c. stomach pancreas e. small intestine 5. In lecture, we discussed a study that followed up on the contestants of the extreme dieting show The Biggest Loser. Which of the following was true about the 14 contestants that participated in the study 6 years after the show? a. 13 out of the 14 contestants had regained weight. b. The majority of the contestants weighed the same or less than their final weight on the show c. All of the contestants had a faster metabolism than normal d. Half of the contestants had lost additional weight.

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